How to watch the Memphis football game on Monday Night Football

It was the last time Memphis’ football team would face a rival on the road, and the last game the Grizzlies would play on the Coliseum’s west side.

The Bulldogs were expected to take a 2-0 lead in the first quarter.

The crowd was on its feet as a roar of cheers greeted the Bulldogs.

But the Bulldogs turned the ball over on downs.

The fans chanted, “Go Bulldogs!” and the Bulldogs scored two touchdowns in the second quarter.

But by halftime, the Bulldogs were down to two touchdowns.

The home crowd was already on its heels, but the Bulldogs fans still booed and chanted.

As the final minutes ticked down, fans began to pour into the Coliseum for the game.

It was a dramatic moment for fans in Memphis, who had been watching the Bulldogs for decades.

The first half featured some exciting plays, including a 30-yard touchdown pass to Deon Long, a 34-yarder to Brandon Brooks and a 42-yard pass to Brandon Gibson.

But Memphis fans were disappointed with the final score.

They had hoped the Bulldogs would get a second chance at taking the lead.

After the first touchdown, a fan shouted, “Come on, let’s go Bulldogs!”

But they had no chance.

The team’s lead was 20-10 with 5:51 left.

The last Bulldogs touchdown came in the fourth quarter, when Brooks drove the Bulldogs 80 yards to the Bulldogs’ 4.

That was enough to win the game for Memphis.

Fans booed the Bulldogs as they walked to the sideline.

They stood for a moment, then headed toward the exits.

It’s unclear what was going through the Bulldogs head when they decided to go for the win.

Memphis coach John Groce said the team didn’t have any expectations for what it would accomplish on Monday night.

“We weren’t expecting to win on the field,” he said.

“And we didn’t expect to do it in a stadium with more than 80,000 people.

But that’s what we were expecting.”

The Bulldogs’ victory is the first for the team since 2007, and their second in a row at the Coliseum.

Groce, who is coming off a 31-20 win over rival Memphis, is looking to make the Bulldogs even better in the future.

The coach wants his team to be able to play at the AAC level next season.

The next step is to get to a bowl game and win it.

It was the last time Memphis’ football team would face a rival on the road, and the last game the…