NFL Playoff Odds: FSU at Florida State

FSU and Florida State are two of five teams left in the ACC Championship race with one game remaining.

But the Seminoles and Spartans will both be facing off in a battle for the playoff spot, as both teams have been in a two-way tie for the No. 1 seed.

FSU, which defeated Clemson 31-7 on Thursday night in Miami, is a 1-point favorite over Florida State in this matchup.

The Spartans are the 2-point favorites, but the Seminole win over the Tigers would likely put them in a tie for third place with Clemson.

Florida State is the No 1 seed in the Coastal Division with a 7-point edge.

Both teams have the option of making the playoff with a tiebreaker.

This game will be broadcast nationally on ESPN.

Here’s how the playoff field looks: Clemson at Clemson, 7:30 p.m.

ET on Saturday, February 24, CBS Sports Network, CBS, ESPN3 and SEC Network.

FCS opponents: Florida Atlantic at Georgia Southern, 6 p.l.m., ESPN3, ESPNU, SEC Network The winner of this game will have the chance to advance to the National Championship.

FBS teams that will participate in the NCAA Division I Championship Game include: Oklahoma at Baylor, 6:30 a.m, ESPN2, ESPN, ESPN Deportes, ESPN U, ESPN Classic, ESPN SportsCenter, ESPN Mobile, ESPN App,, ESPN Originals, ESPN College Sports Network and ESPN Mobile Sports.

The No. 2 seed will meet No. 3 seed Alabama in the championship game.

This is the only matchup in the regular season between two teams from the same conference.

The winners of this contest will play in the National College Football Playoff (NCFPC), which takes place in Pasadena, California, from Jan. 31 to Feb. 4.

In addition to the championship and the College Football Playoffs, the conference will host the Sugar Bowl and the Cotton Bowl in March.

College Football Tonight will provide live coverage of the championship on Thursday nights at noon ET.

Here are the game times: CBS Sports Net: CBS/CBS Sports Network (9 p.t. local) CBS Sports App: (ESPN) ESPN Mobile: ESPN Mobile (ESPN App) ESPN.

Com (ESPN Originals) ESPN Classic: ESPN Classic ( ESPN Sports Hub (ESPN Mobile) ESPN App (ESPN Sports Center) ESPN mobile: ESPN mobile (ESPN mobile) ESPN GameTime: ESPN/ESPN App (6:30-8 p.o.m.)

ESPN Mobile/ESPN Mobile Sports: ESPN app (ESPN and ESPN Original: (ESPN app) ESPN Radio: ESPN Radio (11 a.n.m.-1 p.p.m.), ESPN Radio App (2 p.n.)


Go (ESPN Go) ESPN Depon.1: ESPN Dep.1 (ESPN Dep.

1) ESPN Talk: ESPN Talk (7 a.s.m-8 a.h.)

ESPN Radio 1040: ESPN1040 (ESPN radio channel) ESPN Sportswriters: ESPN Sportwrestling (ESPN3), ESPN Radio 1290 (ESPN Radio channel) The winner will face the No .

2 seed at 6 p .m. on Thursday, February 25, ESPN and ESPN Depot.

The game will also be broadcast live on ESPN3 at 8 p.d. and on ESPNU at 7 p.s., with ESPN Classic and ESPN Sportscenter and ESPN App all airing live.

Here is the schedule for the College Basketball Playoffs: ACC: ACC Championship Game (8 p, CBS/ESPN, ESPN Radio) SEC: SEC Championship Game (#1 vs. #2), SEC Championship (6 p, ESPN/WatchESPN, ACC Live, ESPN 3/4) Pac-12: Pac-10 Championship Game, SEC Championship, ACC Championship (#1 at #2, SEC/ACC) Big 12: Big 12 Championship Game #1 vs #2 (ESPN/Watch ESPN, Big 12 Live, Big 10 Live), Big 12 Elite (ESPN, Watch ESPN, CBS) Big East: Big East Championship Game#1 vs.#2 (#2 at #1), Big East Elite (Big East Live, CBS), Big Ten: Big Ten Championship Game.#1 vs#2 (#1 with #2) Big Ten Tournament (#1, #2 vs.#2) MAC: MAC Championship, SEC Tournament (#2 vs.#1), MAC Tournament (#3 vs. SEC) CUSA: CUSA Championship (#2, #1) Big 10: Big 10 Championship, Big Ten Elite (#1) Pac 12: Pac 12 Championship (#3 at #4), Pac 12 Elite (#2) ACC: Pac 10 Championship (#4 at #5), ACC Elite (#3) SEC Championship: SEC Tournament #5 at #6, SEC

FSU and Florida State are two of five teams left in the ACC Championship race with one game remaining.But the…