How to watch Alabama football: All you need to know

Alabamians are set to be treated to the first football game in the state since 2000 when Alabama hosts Oklahoma State on Saturday in Norman.

It’s been a turbulent five years for the Crimson Tide as it has struggled to stay competitive in the Big 12 and has struggled with its own problems with domestic violence and sexual assault.

Alabamian football was the only sport to feature on the schedule in 2018 but that was just the start.

In 2016, Alabama was one of just two schools to make the top 10 in the country and was the top team in the SEC and Pac-12 in total offense, scoring offense and total defense.

In 2017, Alabama ranked in the top three in total yards and scoring offense, passing offense and passing defense.

Last season, Alabama finished the season ranked in last place in the Pac-10 in total defense and scored just 14 points per game.

In 2018, Alabama fell from second to 14th in total points scored and 11th in scoring defense.

Alabama’s biggest issue in 2018 was on defense as it was ranked 15th in the nation in sacks, but it was able to improve its pass defense by adding two freshmen to its defensive line.

A year ago, Alabama’s pass defense was rated the worst in the conference.

In 2019, Alabama gave up the fewest yards per game, passing yards per contest and touchdowns allowed.

Last year, Alabama allowed the most passing yards in the league and ranked 16th in passing yards allowed.

In 2020, Alabama scored fewer than 20 points per contest on just 12 occasions.

In 2021, Alabama had just 10 players ranked in first place in tackles for loss.

In 2022, Alabama failed to win a single game.

The biggest reason Alabama struggled in 2018 is that it was the team to beat.

Alabama won seven of its last nine games and its offense was efficient, ranking first in the FBS in both rushing and passing yards.

Alabama finished the year with 823 rushing yards, third in rushing yards per attempt (4.62) and second in rushing touchdowns per game (5).

In 2019 and 2020, the Crimson Dees averaged more than 6,000 yards passing and 5,000 rushing yards.

Alabamians are set to be treated to the first football game in the state since 2000 when Alabama hosts Oklahoma…