The Cincinnati Bengals’ new quarterback: Who should be the starter?

The Cincinnati Bills and the Washington Redskins are the two teams currently in the playoff hunt after losing to each other last weekend. 

It was the Bills who scored their biggest win of the season, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-17. 

And while the Bengals will likely look to get back to winning ways after Sunday’s win, the Bengals offense has looked sluggish for most of the week. 

With Ryan Mathews out with an ankle injury, quarterback Andy Dalton is out for the remainder of the game with an illness. 

The Bengals offense had the most yards in the NFL last week, averaging 5,892. 

But they struggled to complete a pass. 

They threw for just five touchdowns and two interceptions, including one on third down. 

On Monday night, it looked like the Bengals would be able to get some help on the ground. 

Instead, it ended up being the Bills offense who led the NFL with 446 yards. 

If the Bills can’t get any production from the ground game, they could be in trouble heading into Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. 

How can the Bengals get back into the playoff picture? 

With the Bengals playing at home for the first time since September 10th, the offense must get back on track if they want to get any traction. 

Cincinnati is currently 11-3 and is currently in second place in the AFC North with a 9-4 record. 

Washington has a 7-5 record and is in last place in their division with a 5-10 record.

Both teams have a number of questions heading into the game. 

Is there any hope that the Bills will be able get a win against the Bengals? 

If not, what can the Bills do to turn things around? 

How will the Bills defense hold up against the run? 

What will happen in the passing game if the Bengals have any success? 

And what can we expect from Andy Dalton, who is currently out with a knee injury?

The team that is the best in the league right now has to be the one to win. 

There are no guarantees and every team has different things they have to overcome in order to get into the postseason. 

For the Bengals to make a run, they need to get a lot of help in the ground and offense. 

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The Cincinnati Bills and the Washington Redskins are the two teams currently in the playoff hunt after losing to each…