How the Miami Hurricanes beat Kansas State

The Miami Hurricanes are still undefeated in their inaugural season in the FBS.

The Miami Bowl is just a month away, but the Hurricanes’ head coach has already started to make a name for himself.

The Hurricanes have not only won their first two games of the season, but they have also beaten Kansas State and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Miami beat Kansas in a bowl game last season, and now the Hurricanes are set to go after the No. 3 team in the country.

Miami is the fourth-ranked team in FBS, according to Football Outsiders, and this is the first time the Hurricanes have beaten a team ranked in the top 10.

The Hurricanes also beat No. 1 Kansas State, a team that finished in the AP Top 25 for the first-straight season.

In a game against the Jayhawks on Jan. 23, the Hurricanes pulled away late in the fourth quarter, and they led 29-10.

They had the ball for a little more than a minute, and Kansas State was able to get the ball back to the Hurricanes with less than two minutes to go in the game.

The Jayhawks came out in the second quarter with a 13-play, 81-yard drive that led to a touchdown.

The offense was not as dynamic as it usually is, as the Hurricanes got the ball first.

But the Hurricanes were able to run out the clock on that drive.

After a few more drives, the Chiefs finally got the lead in the third quarter.

With two minutes left, Miami was able.

The ball got up, and Kaleb Smith hit a 40-yard field goal to make it 34-27.

The drive ended with a field goal, but not before the Hurricanes scored three more touchdowns.

The drive ended in the red zone with two plays, and the Hurricanes had another score on the drive.

The next drive went for four plays, but Kansas State scored on a 17-yard touchdown run with 4:17 left.

The Chiefs got a first down on a third-and-7, but that was all they needed to get a first-and_half touchdown.

After the Jayhawk offense got a touchdown on their next drive, the ball got to the top of the goal line.

The pass was intercepted by Kansas State safety T.J. McDonald.

The game was tied at 34 when the ball was kicked back to Miami at the 3.

The Jayhawks had a first and goal from the 4 with 6:04 left.

Miami had a 2-yard score with 1:42 left, but was flagged for pass interference.

The two teams traded touchdowns in the final seconds.

Kaleb Smith scores his fourth touchdown of the day as the Jayhawks score a touchdown, 31-28, to beat Miami 31-26 on Saturday.

It was the second straight season that Miami has beaten Kansas in the K-State Bowl.

The other was in 2016 when Miami beat the Jaybacks.

The last time the Jaycats beat Miami in the bowl game was in 2007.

This season, the Jayans have had to settle for winning the first two home games against No. 9 Kansas State.

They have won two of those games, and that game in Kansas City was decided by four points.

This season, Miami is 3-1 against the Chiefs.

Miami will host the Kansas State Cardinals in the College Football Playoff Championship Game on Jan, 29, 2019.

The Miami Hurricanes are still undefeated in their inaugural season in the FBS.The Miami Bowl is just a month away,…