Why the Broncos need to start Dak Prescott ahead of Prescott to have a shot at Super Bowl title

With Peyton Manning retired, the Broncos have an uphill battle to win the Super Bowl, but if they start Prescott ahead on the depth chart, the Chiefs can be one of the first teams to challenge them in the title race.

The Broncos’ offense is in flux after quarterback Paxton Lynch broke his foot on Monday, and the Chiefs’ offense has a lot of talent on the roster but needs to find a way to get the most out of their offensive linemen and receivers, according to NFL Network’s Dan Hanzus.

So if the Broncos start Prescott in place of Lynch, they’ll have the quarterback they’ve been searching for and a better chance to beat the Chiefs in a head-to-head matchup.

Here’s what to know about the upcoming Super Bowl: 1.

The Chiefs are undefeated in the postseason since 2014.

That’s an incredible accomplishment considering the schedule is stacked.

Last season the Chiefs finished 3-0 and the AFC West was the best division in the NFL.

That meant the Chiefs had a very good chance of winning the AFC South, which would have put them in a position to advance to the Superbowl.

The playoffs are always unpredictable, but this season is a lot closer than any of the past three years, with three teams ahead of the Chiefs.

There are still five games left in the regular season, but that’s about it.

The Super Bowl is one of those games where teams can be on their heels, and that’s the way the playoffs work.

The best teams can win those games, and we all know what that looks like.

The biggest factor for the Chiefs is that their quarterback situation is in question after the bye week.

They’re coming off their first loss of the season, against the Colts, and there’s not a whole lot to go on.

They lost their quarterback, and Lynch broke up their big game against the Broncos.

They have no depth at the position.

It’s very difficult to say who will be the starter for the playoffs.

That doesn’t mean the team isn’t looking to upgrade at quarterback this offseason.

Quarterback coach Mike McCoy is one who has been rumored to be a candidate for the head coaching job in Denver.

But as we know, the coaching staff will have to decide soon on who will get the job.

There’s a lot to like about the team’s quarterback situation.

It has been a long time since we’ve seen a player that could put the ball in the end zone and be consistent in his throws, and it will be interesting to see how much that’s true of the 2018 season.


The Colts have struggled at times this season, and they’ve lost three of their last four games.

That means they’ll be missing starting cornerback Vontae Davis, who has missed three games with a concussion.

He is out for the rest of the year.

He’ll be replaced by the undrafted rookie Malik Hooker.

The Raiders were eliminated from the playoffs by the Saints, who have struggled with turnover and turnover-prone quarterbacks.

They need to turn things around quickly.

The defense is a major question mark.

They’ve allowed a league-high 35 points per game, but they haven’t been able to stop offenses like the Falcons or the Saints.

They had a huge advantage on offense last season with the additions of running back Leonard Fournette and wide receiver Mohamed Sanu, but the passing game is not there.

They’ll need to improve if they want to make a deep run in the AFC.


The Chargers have had a lot more success with their run game in recent years.

They finished 8-8 last season and finished with the worst offensive line in the league.

But the team will have a new coach next year.

Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is known for having a strong running game, and he will be replacing Andy Reid with a new scheme that combines a lot with a lot less.

Schottenheim is a strong offensive mind, and his teams have been very successful in his run-heavy system.

He won the head coach of the AFC Western Conference award last year, and in his first season with San Diego he was able to win his first two games.

The team has also lost three games by a combined score of 17 points or less.

The most impressive performance in San Diego’s last two games was a 27-21 win over the Broncos and a 26-21 loss to the Raiders.

They won that game by 31 points and were favored by 10 points.

The other two games they won by an average of 17 and 10 points respectively.


The Seahawks are coming off a bye week, and their offensive line is still lacking depth at tackle.

That has forced them to use their top offensive linemen, who were injured in Week 4.

They also have a lot left on the line, which will make things tough on opposing defenses.

Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and head coach Pete Carroll have talked about having the linemen work harder

With Peyton Manning retired, the Broncos have an uphill battle to win the Super Bowl, but if they start Prescott…