Why Alabama is getting the best out of Jake Coker

Alabama football players, coaches and other players are talking about Jake Crouch.

Crouch is the best football player in the country.

But for all the talk about the Crimson Tide getting a quarterback in this year’s NFL draft, the coach and others in the program are getting the most out of the 6-foot-4, 250-pounder.

Crouch is Alabama’s best quarterback and the most athletic player on the team.

His playmaking ability has helped the Crimsones win 10 consecutive games, including back-to-back national championships.

But Crouch, who has led the Crimsonings to four straight BCS bowl games, is also the most productive quarterback in college football.

“He’s a great player,” Alabama offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier said of Crouch in a recent interview with The Associated Press.

“He’s an unbelievable athlete.

He’s a guy who has a tremendous ability to change a game.

That’s why I like him, because I think he’s an incredible player.

He has all the physical tools that you look for in a quarterback.

He can run, he can throw, he has the arm strength.

You just have to be patient and keep doing the same thing.”

The Alabama offensive line has also been great for Crouch this season.

They’ve allowed only one sack on the season, but they’ve also played a lot of man-to_man blocking to protect the quarterback.

“I don’t think they’re giving us the best opportunities,” Crouch said.

“I think we’ve given them the best opportunity, and they’re just playing well.”

Crouch, though, is not just being compared to the best quarterbacks in the world.

He is also being compared with some of the best offensive linemen in the game.

Carrion Hill has played in 10 games and has allowed just one sack, though he has been sacked five times.

And the 6’7″ center has started four games and played well enough to earn a spot on the All-SEC team for the first time in his career.”

He was the best guy in the nation, and he was the top guy last year. “

[Carrions] has done it for two years in a row.

He was the best guy in the nation, and he was the top guy last year.

He put up great numbers last year and he’s doing great this year.”

Carrons success is what Alabama’s coaches are trying to emulate this season and beyond.

“It’s not about Jake,” said offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, who will also be the head coach this season for the Crimsoning.

“It’s about Jake being able to do it and not having to worry about being overlooked, because the coaches are going to be putting him in that position every single day.”

Cameron said he’s seen the potential in Crouch when he was working out with the players and watching tape of him.

“You’re seeing the progression that he’s made in two years,” Cameron said.

“This guy is just going to get better.

He had an injury last year, but he was so strong that he was able to play through it and come back and be ready to play again.”

Camburys father, former Alabama defensive lineman Matt Crouch Sr., said he also sees his son’s potential as an NFL quarterback.

“The best quarterbacks are the ones that can learn from others, and Jake is doing that, too,” Matt Creek Sr. said.

Cameron, though — like Crouch — has no idea how he’ll be utilized in the NFL this season, either.

“We’ll see how he does,” Cameron added.

“When you look up to the guys that have done it, there’s a lot that he can do.

I’m sure he’s going to learn.

We just don’t know what he’s capable of.”

The AP Sports Writer Michael Biesecker contributed to this report.

Alabama football players, coaches and other players are talking about Jake Crouch.Crouch is the best football player in the country.But…