Why some teams might be in trouble with the NFL for not respecting the flag during anthem protests

The league has long argued that its players have the right to stand for the national anthem before games, but that its rules against such protests have evolved over time.

It is also possible that the NFL’s new policy on the anthem could have repercussions for other NFL teams.

But now that a major-league team is under fire for not doing what its players wanted to do, the NFL might be forced to revisit its policies.

The NFLPA is expected to announce on Tuesday that it will begin taking calls from the players and the players’ union about the league’s new policies, the league said.

“The players and our union are committed to working with the league to ensure all of our players are treated equally,” a league spokesperson said in a statement.

The league’s policy on players protesting during the national anthems has long been an open question.

For decades, the rules for playing in the NFL have focused on a single anthem, which has been followed by a second-round playoff game.

In recent years, players have continued to demand the right of protest during the anthem and the NFL has been forced to adjust its rules to accommodate their demands.

But the league has remained steadfast in its stance against any players using the anthem as a political weapon.

The policy that the league put in place over the summer prohibits players from sitting during the playing of the anthem.

The change was intended to address concerns from players about being subjected to racial and religious discrimination by teams and fans, the union said in July.

However, players who protested in 2017 against President Donald Trump’s policies have been able to continue playing after the new rules were put in effect, because the policy didn’t prohibit the players from doing so, according to a source familiar with the situation.

The player’s union has called the league “racist and sexist” for not making the policy easier for players.

On Monday, the team that is under scrutiny for not standing for the anthem on Sunday said it was changing its policies after the players union sent the league a letter about the policy.

“Our players are allowed to express their beliefs and protest their opinions in the way they feel is right,” the St. Louis Rams said in an email to NFL Network.

“While we respect the right and responsibility of our fans to express themselves in a peaceful manner, we are also obligated to respect the rights and feelings of our player counterparts.”

The NFL did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether the league plans to address the issue.

The Rams, who won the Super Bowl over the Green Bay Packers in January, are also facing criticism for the fact that they have only played the anthem before during their home games.

But their players were able to participate in the anthem when they were able.

The New York Jets have faced criticism for refusing to stand during the National Anthem last year after the league changed its policy.

The team has since released a statement saying it stands for the National Flag and Anthem.

The Denver Broncos, who are set to play the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, have not publicly protested during the Anthem, but have said they would continue to support the anthem by standing during it.

“We will stand with the National flag and the anthem,” Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian said in May.

The Patriots, who have played the Washington Redskins twice this season, did not stand for their anthem in 2017, but they have not yet said they will continue to do so.

“I think we’ve gotten to the point where we have a national anthem and a national flag,” New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft said last week.

“And you can be disrespectful to the flag, or the anthem, but to stand up for that anthem is just disrespectful.

That’s not what this game is about.”

The league has long argued that its players have the right to stand for the national anthem before games, but…