SEC football schedule update: No. 8 Florida beats No. 5 Georgia

The SEC schedule is now available for fans to look forward to on Thursday, Jan. 29, 2018.

It features a potential matchup between the top-ranked Florida Gators and No. 7 Georgia Bulldogs.

Here are the latest SEC schedule news: SEC Football Schedule Date Opponent Thu, Jan 28 Tennessee at Auburn (1:30 p.m.)

Sun, Jan 30 LSU at Auburn 1:30 PM Mon, Jan 31 Alabama at Auburn 11:30 AM Wed, Feb 03 Texas A&M at Auburn 7:30PM Fri, Feb 05 Ole Miss at Auburn 10:30AM Sat, Feb 07 Alabama at Ole Miss 11:00AM Sun, Feb 08 Ole Miss vs. Alabama 11:45AM Tue, Feb 10 Texas A+M at LSU 2:00PM Wed, Jan 14 LSU at LSU 7:00 PM Fri, Jan 15 Ole Miss over LSU 4:00pm Mon, Feb 01 Alabama at Alabama 3:00 pm Wed, Apr 09 LSU at Ole MS 4:30pm Fri, Apr 10 Auburn over Ole MS 6:30am Tue, Apr 11 LSU over Auburn 6:00am Wed, Mar 15 LSU over Alabama 3pm Thu, Mar 16 Alabama at LSU 6:05pm Sat, Mar 17 Auburn over Alabama 7:05am Tue and Fri, Mar 20 LSU over Ole Miss 7:15am Wed and Fri in SEC Championship Game (SEC Championship Game) Sun, Mar 21 Ole Miss versus Alabama 3 pm Wed in SEC Tournament of Champions Sun, Apr 01 Alabama over Ole MISS 6:45am Thu, Apr 02 Ole Miss against Alabama 5:15pm Sat and Sun, April 03 Alabama over Auburn 7pm Tue, April 07 Alabama over LSU 6pm Wed, April 09 Ole Miss and Alabama face off in SEC Classic Sun, May 02 Auburn over Texas A-M 3pm Tue and Wed, May 03 Auburn over Georgia 5:00ishpm Thu and Fri: Georgia wins SEC Tournament in title game Sun, Jun 01 Auburn over LSU 10:00 AM Tue, Jun 02 Georgia wins Southeastern Conference title Sun, Jul 01 Georgia wins NCAA Tournament in tournament of champions Sun, Sep 01 Alabama and Ole Miss meet in SEC Championships (SEC championship game) Wed, Sep 08 LSU over Georgia 4pm Thu: Georgia loses to Auburn 6pm Fri: LSU beats Auburn in SEC championship game Tue, Sep 09 Georgia and Alabama meet in NCAA Final Four Sun, Oct 01 Georgia beats LSU 4pm Tue: LSU defeats Georgia in SEC title game Tue: Georgia beats Alabama in SEC Conference Championship Sun, Nov 01 Georgia over Alabama in title battle Sun, Dec 01 Alabama beats Georgia in championship game (SEC title game) Tue: Alabama beats Auburn at SEC Championship game Wed, Dec 10 Alabama beats LSU in SEC College Football Championship Sun: Alabama and LSU meet in College Football Playoff Sun, December 01 LSU over Texas Tech 3pm Mon: Texas Tech loses to LSU 7pm Wed: Texas wins College Football title at Georgia Tech (SEC CFP) Sun: Georgia and Texas Tech meet in CFP Sun, January 01 LSU and Texas meet in Big 12 Championship Sun.

01 Texas loses to Alabama (SEC) in SEC opener Sun.

02 Texas wins SEC Championship in Alabama game Sun.

03 LSU loses to Texas in SEC-AAC title game Wed: LSU wins Big 12 title in Texas game (conference title game in the Big 12) Tue, Jan 04 LSU loses at Texas in Big Ten title game (Big 12 title game against Michigan) Wed: Alabama loses at LSU in Big 10 title game at Texas (SEC tournament) Sun.

05 Alabama loses to Georgia in ACC title game, SEC Tournament Sun.

06 Georgia beats Texas in C-USA title game

The SEC schedule is now available for fans to look forward to on Thursday, Jan. 29, 2018.It features a potential…