What are the college football rankings and how can we use them?

The NCAA Tournament and College Football Playoffs are coming up for grabs.

We are about to find out if the SEC and ACC can get the job done or if the Big 12 will have to settle for a last minute upset. 

While the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament is a huge event and it has an enormous amount of prestige attached to it, we are looking to see how the rankings and the bracket play out in the coming weeks.

The most important part of the bracket is the Power Five conferences.

The top five teams from each conference are automatically placed in the Final Four, but the top four teams from the remaining Power Five conference play in the second round.

The winner of that game will face off against the winner of the Big Ten/ACC series, the loser against the loser of the SEC/Big 12 series and the winner against the first seed in the SEC East/Big Ten Midwest series.

The SEC East and Big Ten Midwest have two matchups each, so that’s a total of eight teams.

The Big Ten West and Pac-12 South have one matchup each.

The conference winners play each other twice.

The first round is determined by a single seed, so the first team from each Conference gets a shot at the top seed in that conference.

The second and third seeds are the two top seeds from the Conference that is closest to their Conference’s Conference Final record.

The second round is decided by the two seed in each conference.

The winner of each game will be guaranteed to play in a bowl game against the second seed in their Conference, or will face the second and fourth seeds in the Conference, depending on the conference winner.

The Conference Final is determined based on conference record, wins and losses.

There are no tiebreakers.

The winners of the first two games will face each other in the conference finals, which will be played at a neutral site.

There will be no games between the first and second seeds in each Conference.

The teams in each Round of 64 are ranked from #1 through #10.

The teams from every Round of 32 are ranked and played one at a time until the team with the most points wins the entire bracket.

If a team does not play at home in the Round of 16, they are eliminated from the playoffs.

The team with more points than the next-highest ranked team wins the game.

The following are the playoff bracket winners:

The NCAA Tournament and College Football Playoffs are coming up for grabs.We are about to find out if the SEC…