Oklahoma coach Tom Herman, the ‘King of Bizness’

Oklahoma coach TOM Herman is the king of BIZNESS, and it’s only fitting that his new job is his home state.

He’s taking the Big 12 to new heights with the Thunder, and he’s got the perfect team around him to take advantage.

And as we all know, that’s why he’s leaving his home and head to Oklahoma.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Oklahoma coach.


He won’t be playing for an athletic director.

This isn’t a huge surprise.

This was the plan, as Oklahoma’s AD, Steve Patterson, said after the season ended that the school would have an athletic department with no athletic director in place at the start of the 2017-18 academic year.

That didn’t happen, and Patterson said that he hoped for another season or two before he got to that point.

So Patterson will leave his job and the Big Ten to head to a different conference.

He said that “if that was a bad thing” and the conference was going to make a move to have an AD with no administrative experience, then “we wouldn’t be doing it.

We would’ve done it years ago.”


He will be making a salary.

As we’ve reported, Patterson will earn about $2.6 million this year, which is below what he made last year, but above what Oklahoma athletic directors made last season.

The athletic director’s base salary in 2017-19 was $1.5 million.

That’s $1 million more than the $1,826,000 Oklahoma athletic director is making this year.

Oklahoma’s current athletic director, Scott Stricklin, has the same base salary of $1 in 2017.

He gets about $1 more per game.

So Oklahoma will be paying Patterson roughly $2 million less than his base salary this year and roughly $1 a game more than it was last year.


He’ll be paying for everything.

That doesn’t mean the athletic director won’t make money.

Oklahoma athletic departments will be paid for all of their athletic-related expenses, but the AD will get to decide how much.

He or she will have the ability to hire assistants and players to do their jobs, as well as get some of the money from a new fund for athletic departments.


There will be no contracts.

Patterson said in an interview that he will not be taking any new contracts for the upcoming season, which means that the football program will not have a new coach.


He is going to do things differently this year than he did last year when he took over.

He announced on Tuesday that he is not taking a “scoop” in terms of recruiting.

He wants to hire a head coach from the SEC.

The new coaching staff will be in the SEC and the rest of the conference will be the ACC and Big Ten.

So if Oklahoma wants to recruit at all, it will be at a level where it’s a better place to recruit than it’s ever been.


There is no guarantee that Oklahoma’s new AD will be able to hire the right people.

Strickler said during a conference call on Tuesday with reporters that the AD is not going to have the personnel he needs to be successful.

The AD is a big-picture thinker.

He likes to think about the long-term.

He has to be able, as you mentioned, to do it without putting in the money to do that, but he also has to know how to manage a team.

The best way for him to do both of those things is to hire some good coaches, and that’s what I’m going to be doing.


Oklahoma has a history of not hiring good coaches.

Oklahoma is not known as a recruiter.

That might be a problem for Patterson.

But he also knows that recruiting can be a tough business, so he will take it seriously.

And that will be OK.

The Big 12 and the SEC have done some great things in recruiting, but it’s tough to get those schools to commit to you.

So you’ll have to be very good at recruiting.

The SEC, though, has had some great programs, and they’ve made some great hires.

It would be a shame if they weren’t.

The biggest challenge for Patterson is recruiting a national champion, and even if he has a team that is one of the best in the country, that won’t happen this year because Oklahoma isn’t going to get a national title.


Oklahoma fans have to forgive him.

“He did not come to Oklahoma to replace the head coach,” Oklahoma’s athletic director and former coach Bobby Bowden said.

“It’s not about replacing the coach, it’s about building a program that has great talent.

It’s about getting good people to take that team to the next level.

That is the foundation on which we will build.

It won’t change.”


The Thunder have to win a lot of games.

The last time Oklahoma won a conference championship

Oklahoma coach TOM Herman is the king of BIZNESS, and it’s only fitting that his new job is his home…