How to fix NFL players’ poor blocking skills

The New England Patriots have been getting a lot of press lately for a lack of effort on the offensive side of the ball.

However, a number of players have made some really poor blocks, and this was one of the reasons why the team was able to come up with the block-saving strategy of the day.

The NFL has been known to give away free tickets to the game to players with the most blocks in recent history.

This time around, the Patriots had their number.

“We were talking about the Patriots being in a situation where we were in an overtime situation with our defense coming up, and we’re going to have a tough time blocking,” linebacker Jamie Collins said.

“So I was thinking about, we could just take the ball out of the end zone, we’ve got the ball, we can just go.

And I was like, ‘Okay, that would work.'”

The Patriots had to give up the game after the Seahawks were able to score a touchdown on a penalty that was called back for a late-game delay.

But after the penalty was called, the referees said that the blocking was fine, so the Patriots could go on.

It was only after the play was reviewed that the Patriots decided to give the block away.

The block was called for a blocked extra point.

That gave the Seahawks the ball at the 5-yard line with 1:20 left in the first quarter.

The Seahawks were facing fourth-and-goal at their own 35-yard-line.

The Patriots lined up with three defensive backs and one linebacker to block, with Collins on the left side of their formation.

Collins did not block, so it was left to safety Nate Ebner and tight end Dwayne Allen to block.

Ebner was the first to reach the ball on the ball carrier, and he quickly turned upfield, but he was blocked by a safety and linebacker who were also lined up to block him.

The safety then jumped to stop Ebner from reaching the ball while the linebacker blocked Allen.

Eber, who is 6-foot-5 and 250 pounds, was able in part because of his quick feet, quick hands and good leverage.

He got up to the line of scrimmage quickly, and when he got to the second level, he did a great job of making sure that Ebner did not get a clear shot at the ball and ended up blocking him.

When Ebner was on the ground, Allen came off his man, picked up a couple yards on the defensive line and then drove forward.

Ebner’s momentum carried him over Allen’s shoulder and then through the middle of the line.

The block gave the Patriots the ball with 1 minute, 1 second left.

“He really played hard, really helped us out, really played to win the game,” Collins said after the game.

“It’s pretty cool to see a guy who was coming off a knee surgery come in and be able to help us out.

He just did a good job.

I think it was a great block.”

The New England Patriots have been getting a lot of press lately for a lack of effort on the offensive…