How to fix the fsu offense after the season opener

The fsu season opener is less than two weeks away, but that doesn’t mean everyone on the coaching staff is in a good mood.

The following is an edited transcript of our conversation.

Q: How is it looking at the coaching ranks?

A: You have to get your head around it.

It’s a challenging position, but I think there’s going to be a lot of continuity on our team.

I think we have a good core, and the continuity we’ve had since our last year in the Big 12 has been tremendous.

We’ve been successful in that we’ve been able to go win championships, but we’ve also been able, for lack of a better term, to build up some continuity.

We haven’t been the best team since we left, but when you look at our team over the last five years, we’ve just been a lot better at winning than we were before.


What’s the biggest change in the offensive gameplan from last season to this one?

A. We have a lot more versatility in the game plan.

We’re getting a lot out of our tight ends.

We’ll have more playmakers on the perimeter and on the ball screens.

The ability to make the plays on the go with guys like Tyus Bowser, Justin Thomas and Austin Pettis has really improved our offense.

Q.: How much of a difference is the addition of Kenny Hill?

A.: He has really grown into a really good player for us, and he’s really made a big difference in our offense since we moved from the Big Ten Conference.

He’s been an outstanding player for our team and he was a key contributor in the win over Texas A&M.

He really stepped up at the end of the season in the bowl game and helped us to the big game against Alabama.

Q.(on camera): What are your thoughts on the play of sophomore quarterback Josh Jackson?

A: I think he’s a very, very smart player.

He makes some really smart decisions.

He understands the nuances of the game.

We just have to keep him in the flow.

Q:(on camera) The defense improved significantly with the addition to the defense.

A: We are seeing that, and that’s something we can only improve on.

Q:- How do you feel about the offense improving this season?

A:- We’re a better team when we’re moving the ball.

We understand that when we get a chance to move the ball, we can make a big play.

We got to continue to execute.

It is about being smart with the football, being smart about the clock and keeping our eyes downfield.

Q(on camera)- What did you see from your defense this season that made you believe they could be even better this year?

A:(On defense): I think they’ve been a tremendous unit, and we’re really excited to have them here.

I’m excited to see what they can do and what they’ll be able to do with a different system, but overall, I’m very confident in what we have in this program.

Q.- How confident is FSU coach Jimbo Fisher about his defense?

A.: I don’t know how confident he is, but he’s been very, really good about what he’s doing.

We know he has his coaching staff and his staff has been really good.

They’ve been really, really supportive.

They know we’ve got a lot to learn, and hopefully we’ll be more than good enough to be successful.

Q:#(on microphone): Do you think FSU can be better than last year?

A:(On camera): Yes.

We feel like we can be a much better team this year.

We definitely feel like our defense is better than the one that we had last year.

Q.#(on mic): What do you think of the defensive front seven?

A:#(On camera:): They’ve had some really good plays in there.

We don’t have as many turnovers, but there are a lot fewer interceptions.

We still have to do a better job of closing down on the run.

We can’t have guys in space.

[email protected](on microphones): Do any of the receivers look like they could contribute more to the offense?

A:#(To cameras): Absolutely.

The biggest difference I think is we’ve really been able make adjustments.

We didn’t have to adjust to the playcall.

We knew exactly what we were doing, and when we knew what we did, it was great.

[email protected](On microphone): What about safety?


We thought we had some guys that could do that.

They’re not going to get as many reps as they’ve had in the past.

Q#(on cameras): What did the coaches like about this year’s defense?

A.#(To microphones): We didn, I think, we had more success in the run game.

Q#(On microphones): How do the freshmen feel about their play?

A.(To cameras:

The fsu season opener is less than two weeks away, but that doesn’t mean everyone on the coaching staff is…