Football player’s mom: ‘I would never have thought that’ to be in custody

The mother of a Texas football player charged with rape after allegedly forcing him to have sex says she never imagined the charge would be brought against her son.

Amber Rader says her son, Josh Rader, was raped and murdered in 2014, and she’s angry she was put in jail when the charges against her daughter were dropped.

The Dallas Morning News reports Amber Rader is charged with second-degree murder in the death of her 14-year-old son, who was found dead in a Texas forest near where he was last seen on April 14.

The news station reports that Rader told the Dallas Morning Call in an interview that she did not know Josh Radeger was in the woods at the time of his death.

But her attorney, James Brawley, says the investigation revealed Rader was involved in the sexual abuse of Josh Raders’ daughter.

Brawley told the Morning Call the investigation showed Rader “knowingly and willfully” participated in a sexual relationship with her daughter and the two of them “made plans to have sexual intercourse” with Josh Rades daughter in an effort to get her to get pregnant with his child.

The Associated Press obtained a transcript of a police interview with Amber Radaver, the mother of her son Josh Radaber, in which she claims police told her he had raped her.BRAWLEY: What were the police telling you?

Amber: They said they saw him with a young girl, but he was a young man.

The girl was 15 years old.

They said she was just 14 years old at the point.BRC: How old were you at the date of that meeting?

A: 15 years.

BRC: So you had known Josh Radoer for some time.

A: Yes.


The AP has obtained the transcript of the interview, which was conducted April 6 and April 14, and which was also obtained by the Morning News.

The interview is about the alleged rape of Josh’s 14-yr-old daughter, and it details what police say happened after Amber Radeader’s ex-boyfriend, James Kalles, allegedly called police to report the alleged abuse.

In a statement released April 14 after the police interview, Kallas claimed police told him he was raped, according to the AP.

The police report says Kallis’ ex-girlfriend, a friend of his and Rader’s, called police on April 6 to report that Josh Raddy was sexually abusing a girl.

Police say Kallias ex-wife, Amber Rades ex-husband, called them back the next day to report a similar incident.

Rader was arrested May 4 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area after Kallises ex-battery was discovered, and was released on $1 million bond.

The police report indicates that after Rader allegedly confessed to police that he had sex with the 14- year-old girl, Kalls ex-friend was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault.

The charges were later dropped, but Rader remains in jail pending trial.

The mother of a Texas football player charged with rape after allegedly forcing him to have sex says she never…