When the Wildcats and Bears play, the SEC’s top rivalry is Kentucky football

When the two conferences play each other, the rivalry is between Kentucky and Alabama.

In the past, when the two programs met, the Wildcats would play as one of the Big 12’s best teams and the Bears would play against an SEC opponent like Mississippi State.

But as the conference has expanded to include five teams and expanded its membership to 16, the rivalries have evolved and the rivalry has evolved with it.

It has evolved to the point that Kentucky is a bit more like Alabama, a bit less like Texas, and a bit closer to LSU.

And that has caused the Wildcats to lose games.

They have lost to both Alabama and LSU.

The rivalry has become a bit of a laughing stock among the fans.

Kentucky has won five straight against Alabama and only two games against LSU.

Alabama has won three of its past four against Kentucky.

In fact, Kentucky has lost four straight games to Alabama and two of its three games against Texas.

Kentucky is 5-5 against the Longhorns.

The Longhorns are 6-3 against the Wildcats.

Kentucky leads the all-time series, with the two schools tied at 3-3.

In 2014, Kentucky went 2-2 in its first meeting with Texas, but won both games, 38-35.

The last time Kentucky played Alabama was last year, when Kentucky beat the Crimson Tide, 38–35, and Texas beat Kentucky in a shootout.

The Wildcats have lost five straight games in Austin against Alabama.

Kentucky lost at home in its most recent meeting, 45-40, on Sept. 1.

The previous time Kentucky lost in Austin was a 31-27 decision in 2010.

This year’s matchup is a rematch of a 38-23 loss in the 2017 BCS National Championship Game, which saw Alabama score 21 points to take the title.

Alabama and Texas both won the national title in 2018, and the Wildcats are trying to win the first title in the new era.

The series has a history of being competitive, with Alabama winning in 2005, while Texas won the SEC championship in 2009.

The two schools have met three times since the series became part of the ACC in 2015.

The SEC is scheduled to open conference play against Georgia on Saturday.

When the two conferences play each other, the rivalry is between Kentucky and Alabama.In the past, when the two programs…